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Posters (Inkjet)

Order A2, A1 and A0 posters right here. Our large format posters are printed on incredibly advanced inkjet presses. These use an 8 ink system and, as such, produce posters with a vibrancy that's simply not possible with other printing technologies. Colours are more saturated and, with so many inks interacting together, you end up with a much wider range of tones in the final prints. This holds more detail, for example in photographs. Resolution is also incredibly high (up to 2400dpi). Perfect for posters, CAD drawings, display graphics, architectural prints etc. Foam-x mounting and lamination options are available.

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Product Specifications

  • Trimmed size: A2, A1 or A0;
  • Printed in full colour, high resolution, advanced inkjet;
  • Printed on high quality, 200gsm paper;
  • Single-sided;
  • Matt or gloss laminate options;
  • Mounted option on 5mm Foam-x;
  • Design and artwork service available if required;
  • Order quantities from 1 upwards;
  • Supplied in sturdy cardboard tubes.

Artwork Guidelines

To avoid unexpected printing results, please see our handy guide to the correct set-up of your artwork files
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